Here at NETA Training we are committed to giving our students a learning experience that not only allows them to achieve to the best of their ability while they are here but also provide them with the skills needed to be successful within the workplace. We provide students with a structured careers programme which aims to help them make an informed decision about their next steps. Throughout the careers programme we welcome and appreciate any employer involvement to help link classroom learning to the world of work.

As an employer there are a various ways you can get involved including:

  • Support with mock interviews
  • Industry specific talks
  • Workplace visits
  • Work placements
  • Mentoring

The benefit of becoming an employer volunteer to you and your organisation: 

  • CPD - volunteering gives you the opportunity to develop your own skills
  • Investing in the future workforce - sharing your experience and skills with our students means you can help shape the workforce of tomorrow
  • Networking - meet other employer volunteers in the local area
industry placements

Are you an employer who can take a student on an Industry Placement?

Employers like you play a key role in creating opportunities for young people in our local community who are at the start of their careers by enabling them to develop their skills and build confidence.

Industry Placements offer an exciting opportunity to give young people an insight into working in your industry.

Here at NETA Training, we recognise that real and meaningful work experience enhances our student's future employment opportunities to make sure young people are prepared to be successful in the real world.

Industry placements give young people a valuable opportunity to put the practical experience and knowledge which is directly related to their course, into practice, helping prepare them for the world of work.


What would I gain from taking a student on an Industry Placement?

  • Develop existing staff’s mentoring and management skills
  • Giving opportunities to young people from a wide range of backgrounds, leading to a more diverse workforce
  • Extra resources for projects and day to day work, bringing in new and imaginative ideas from students developing their skills
  • Ongoing support from your named Work Experience Officer to help with recruiting the right student for your company, set and plan learning objectives and regular visits to check student progress
  • There is no cost to your company. Financial support is available for Personal Protective Equipment, Disclosure Barring Service checks, bespoke training courses and travel
  • Being able to handpick the best of level 3 learners
  • Supporting growth and the economy in the local community
  • Have access to people with imaginative new ideas, innovation and different skills from those already in your workforce
  • Raise the profile of your business by supporting local young people into industry placements, improving their employability and progression opportunities
  • Address current and future skills shortages in your industry - grow your own workforce with the skills you need for the future

What would I have to commit to?

  • Provide an industry placement of 315 hours / 45 days for a student who is on a level 3 course which is directly relevant to your industry. The timing and structure of the placement will be based on your needs. The different models available include ‘block placements, day release or a combination of both – we work to a ‘best fit’ model
  • Agree achievable learning objectives for the placement with the student and their Work Experience Officer. The learning objectives should be occupationally specific to your industry
  • Ensure there is a safe work environment and opportunities for the student to develop their technical skills and knowledge within your industry
  • Provide support, supervise and mentor the student, who will have regular contact with their Work Experience Officer to discuss their progress
  • During the placement you will be required to complete appraisals on the student's performance and progress against learning objectives, you will also be asked to provide a reference on their commitment and progress made whilst on the placement
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