NETA Training is once again helping to meet employers’ demands with the introduction of a new level 2 apprenticeship training programme.

Working alongside local employers, NETA now delivers training for the one-year Level 2 Engineering Operative Apprenticeship.

Offering new recruits the chance to brush up on essential skills, NETA’s Head of Department for Engineering, Dave Laycock, said: “This can be a fantastic stepping stone for those entering the industry to ultimately move on to a level 3 apprenticeship or employment.

“For employers the one-year programme offers the chance to support and grow their own future talent, particularly in the current climate, whilst also seeing immediate productivity from their apprentices.”

A new offer for NETA, Dave added: “The programme is built to fit around the needs of business. It is the result of us listening and responding to local demand, which is part of NETA’s heritage.”

For the first batch of apprentices signed up, it is already proving a great formula.


Matthew, 17

Employer: PES Limited

Spotting an apprenticeship vacancy at PES Limited on the very last day for applications was a lucky break for Matthew.

He certainly felt pretty fortunate to get an interview and then be offered a position.

“It was a bit of a relief to be fair,” said the 17-year-old, who was coming up to the end of his full-time course at NETA.

First to admit that he learns far better on the shop-floor than in the classroom, he had hoped to secure an apprenticeship. 

The vacancy at PES came at just the right time and place for him.  Now the former St Patrick’s Catholic College student gets to learn the ropes not just in the workplace but also brushing up on the theory with the expertise and support of tutors he is comfortable and familiar with.


Liam, 17

Employer: PEMR Limited

Joining his dad’s firm after leaving school last year, Liam was keen to develop his skills in engineering and the Level 2 Apprenticeship has proven just the ticket.

He said: “It was a bit of a worry leaving school last year with Covid and everything, but I was fortunate to get a position with my dad’s company.”

With the workshop situated just down the road from NETA, Liam enrolled on the Level 2 apprenticeship programme, supporting his on the job training.

He said: “For me an apprenticeship was the right move, as I didn’t want to be sat in a classroom all day, every day.”  And it’s so far, so good for Liam!


Jayden, 19

Employer: CPD Bodies

The Level 2 Engineering Operative Apprenticeship is a great start for Jayden.  It certainly brings the promise of an exciting career. 

Originally with ambitions of a career in business, the 19-year-old opted for a change in direction.

“I wanted to do more practical work, so I changed my focus to engineering,” he said.  

After months of looking for a suitable apprenticeship, and facing fierce competition, the former Ian Ramsey CE Academy student, was lucky enough to secure a place with CPD Bodies.

Now working towards the Level 2 apprenticeship, he certainly feels he’s on the right track.

Spending four days on the job and one day a week at NETA, he said: “It definitely feels well suited to me. You learn the basic information at NETA and then get to see it put into practice at work.”


Jack, 19

Employer: CPD Bodies

With so much competition for apprenticeship vacancies, Jack knew he had to make himself stand out from the crowd.

The 19-year-old started to learn the skills of his future trade, studying full-time at NETA Training.

It meant that when a suitable apprenticeship vacancy came up, his commitment was clear.

Now on the Level 2 Apprenticeship with CPD Bodies, the former Unity City Academy student gets to see all those skills learnt applied in the workplace.

Grateful for the knowledge and support he has picked up at NETA, Jack said: “Building, fabricating and putting stuff together is something I have always been interested in.”

No surprise, for him, the role with the commercial vehicle body building and repair company, has proven the ideal fit.

Looking forward to seeing what the future holds. He said: “I was always going to come to NETA after hearing about it at school. Now they have helped me to get this apprenticeship!”


Sam, 21

Employer: CPD Bodies

While the pandemic and its restrictions have proven a challenging time for most, for 21-year-old Sam it triggered a change in direction.

Finding himself out of work, it opened his eyes to the possibility of retraining.

When a family friend told him about the apprenticeship vacancy with CPD Bodies, he realised he had nothing to lose and put an application in.

Now working as apprentice engineering operative, he said: “It’s spot on!”

Previously studying fabrication and welding at college, the former Dykehouse School pupil clearly had his eye on a career in engineering.  But until the right opportunity came along, he had moved into other types of work.

He said: “If it wasn’t for the pandemic I am not sure I would have thought to go back to my training.”

Enjoying the apprenticeship so far, he already has his sights set on progression to a level 3 and level 4 qualifications.


Cameron, 21

Employer: CPD Bodies

Securing an apprenticeship with CPD Bodies was a weight lifted off his shoulders for Cameron.

Having been laid off from his previous role as an apprentice mechanic in the midst of the pandemic, the former Acklam Grange School student said: “It was a worrying time.”

Fortunately for him a position came along with CPD and given the chance to work towards the Level 2 Operations Apprenticeship, he said: “I had always wanted to do engineering, so this is even better than what I was doing before.”

Now gaining valuable experience onsite alongside lessons in the NETA workshop, he said: “You do get to see where it all ties in together.”

While there’s lots to learn in the intensive one-year programme, he said: “It’s definitely worth it.”


Corey, 18

Employer: Topside

Securing an apprenticeship came as a welcome relief for Corey, after all, the competition for places can be tough.

In the meantime, he knew it was a good idea to build his knowledge and so signed up for a full-time course until the right vacancy came along.

He said: “For me, getting an apprenticeship was a big thing.” So, he was delighted to get an interview with Topside and then be offered a position as an apprentice.

Now working towards the Level 2 Engineering Operative Apprenticeship, he said: “For me it’s a different, and easier, way of learning.”

It looks set to be a bright future for Corey.


Pictured: Matthew, Liam, Jayden, Jack, Sam and Cameron


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