How this funding is used at NETA Training Group?


  • To ensure that all NETA learners are on track to meet their aspirational target grades
  • To provide additional group support and guidance for identified groups of learners
  • To provide additional support to those learners who do not have a grade 4 in maths or English or do not possess the required technical Engineering principles knowledge needed to successfully complete their programme of study.


  • Two NETA Technical Learning Coaches, with academic and industry backgrounds, assigned to:
  • Support students, individually or as a small group, to set SMART learning targets linked to individual knowledge or skills development needs.
  • Act as mentors to learners as required outside normal timetable hours.
  • Identify the gaps in learners’ knowledge during the first term and prioritise this to help learners to catch up where required.
  • Put in place targeted individualised interventions if required to get learners back on track
  • Act as a coach and mentor to help inspire learners to achieve their goals, improve their academic confidence, attendance, and behaviours towards learning.


  • High attendance and improved attitudes and behaviours towards the course/programme.
  • SMART targets set reflecting progression of knowledge towards qualification
  • Learning outcomes for all learners tracked and monitored to show value added.
  • Engagement in employment/enrichment activities through the year.
  • Timely completion of the student’s main qualification and successful achievement of target grades.
  • Successful achievement of Maths and /or English qualifications.
  • Learners successfully progress onto the next level of programme or their career aim.
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