There have been celebrations at NETA this week as staff and students gathered together for the annual end of year awards ceremony. Prizes, vouchers, awards and certificates have been given out to students at NETA to celebrate a variety of fantastic achievements the students have made this year.

Each week students who had 100% attendance had their names put into the draw, so the more weeks they attended 100% the more chance they had of their name being drawn. The winner of £30 worth of vouchers and a certificate went to Karl Stevenson.

In second and third place was Ben Larkin who won £20 worth of vouchers and Jordan Hornby who won £10 worth of vouchers.

Jack O’Shea also won Level 2 student of the year.

All ‘students of the year’ awards were nominated by the student’s tutors for demonstrating hard work and dedication.

Head of Department, David Laycock said: “It’s really great to reward learners who have shown great commitment to their course throughout the year.”

Well done to all of the students involved and we hope you all have a fantastic summer.
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