Vocational Training Facilities…

NETA has one of the largest vocational learning resources in the North East. We operate across two centres, both in Stockton-On-Tees. Our centres contain both industry standard equipment that allows us to provide essential skills training across all facets of engineering trades. The integration of working rigs and simulated site activity into the learning process maximises the effective use of resources and creates a realistic learning experience for individuals.

In addition, many courses can also be delivered at clients’ own premises either in the UK or abroad.


Since its inception in 1975, NETA has steadily grown from a small, specialist-training provider with a single centre to one of the principal providers in the North of England.


The facilities that NETA use are maintained to the highest standards and are constantly being updated to ensure our learners are fluent in the use of equipment found in the workplace.

Learners are trained in a location, which simulates the real working environment, whether it’s updating skills for an existing employer or learning new ones in preparation for employment.

Industry Specific workshop areas and training facilities are certified and accredited by the relevant awarding bodies.