Student Finance

Here at NETA Training, we understand that students may need a helping hand financially when studying, letting you focus on your studies. NETA has specialist learner support funds which can be used to help you overcome any financial barriers. We can offer help with:

  • Bus travel during term time (dependent on location)
  • Free college meals (if in receipt of an eligible benefit)
  • Discount on any kit and equipment deemed necessary to complete your course
  • IT equipment loan
  • Money towards data costs
  • Help towards childcare costs when you are at NETA

Student Finance:

Here at NETA Training we understand that getting to NETA can be costly and we want to make sure you get the financial help you need, letting you focus on your studies. NETA has Learner Support Funds which can provide help allowing you to overcome financial barriers.

We support with

  • FREE* bus travel to and from college during your study year, to make life a bit easier.
  • FREE* meals
  • DISCOUNT on equipment and uniform which may be required as part of your course
  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT with childcare which is provided by an Ofsted recognised provider

We encourage all our students to apply for student bursary, the application is now available online. The application will take a few moments and you will need information about household income and benefits. Click here.

If you have already completed your student bursary application and have been asked to submit further evidence, please use this link. You will be asked your surname, date of birth and postcode, which will allow us to process your application.

Contact us:

Our Bursary staff are very happy to help with any questions you may have about the bursary.

Please contact:


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