remote learning at NETA training:

What is remote education?

Remote education is where learning is provided for you outside of NETA premises. 

This is most likely to be lessons with a teacher / tutor leading the delivery, with you accessing your learning through Microsoft Teams, the VLE (our Virtual Learning Environment) and/or any other platforms that we may use depending on your course.  It might also include some learning that you undertake on your own, using Microsoft Teams and/or other platforms (such as email) to access any support you need from your tutor.

Remote learning is available at NETA for all 16-18 and 19+ learners on our full time Engineering Study and Apprenticeship programmes.

Due to the nature of our full cost commercial engineering training programmes, the requirement to access specialist training equipment and the requirements of our external awarding bodies, we do not currently offer remote distance learning for Commercial programmes at NETA.   

NETA uses specialist software for some of its engineering programmes. Our students will have full remote access to the majority of systems for completion of their studies. Our interactive systems allow students to create, model and test their engineering designs in a simulated real time environment with the ability to work individually or as part of a team.

How do I access Microsoft Teams?

Your tutor should have already been in touch with you to advise you how to access the online learning resources.

On the NETA website (, scroll to the very bottom of the home page where there is a selection of links under the header of ‘Resources’ – if you click ‘College Email/Office 365’ this will give you the option to open MS Teams.

Please get in touch with your tutor through the usual NETA email system if you are unsure or need some help.

How much of my course will be delivered remotely?

Ideally, the majority of your learning will be delivered face to face and on-site.  

If NETA is forced, as a result of national or local restrictions arising from COVID-19, to stop operating face to face learning, all learning will be moved on-line.  You will be advised of any changes to your learning delivery method either by your tutor or via an email from the NETA MD or you PoC.

Ideally, your tutor should have explained in person how this will work and demonstrated the use of Microsoft Teams in advance.  For some short courses, however, this may not always be possible. 

To enable a smooth transition to remote learning, if this is required as a result of national / local restrictions, some courses may also add short periods of remote delivery to your normal timetable, as a ‘practice run’, to ensure that you and other learners can access lessons effectively. 

At NETA, we have already experienced some periods of remote learning as a result of lockdowns. From enrolment, all NETA learners are assigned a personal course tutor who is the main point of contact (PoC) both on site and for any remote learning, your PoC will help guide and support you.

Weekly timetables are followed to the same structure as if you were attending NETA, with practical learning sessions being replaced with additional theory based learning and personal development activities. Each session has been designed to ensure you fulfil the requirements of your main qualification aim and to ensure that you are able to progress with your education and career aspirations.

Each session lasts for approximately 90 minutes and will be a mixture of taught learning, independent and group leaning, problem solving, independent research, presentations and discussion across a wide range of engineering topics and principles. 

All students are be given full remote access to Office 365 with personal cloud based storage facilities. Our main communication tools are within the suite of programmes including Microsoft Teams used form the majority of remote learning delivery. Completed assignments and work in progress can be safely stored and shares using these systems.

There are other instances where periods of remote learning may be required, such as learners or teaching staff having to self-isolate as a result of COVID-19, more guidance will be provided from your tutor should this matter arise.

It is our aim, as far as possible and in line with the guidance issued from the Government, that remote learning will only be a small element of your course. However, the proportion of remote learning will vary from course to course – your course tutor will provide more information.

How will I be told which parts of my course are ‘remote’?

As this will vary from course to course, your own tutor will be able to advise you on any remote delivery of your course.

students remote learning:

Expectations of Students:

With regards to remote learning, you will be expected to:

  • Have your camera on when attending remote sessions delivered online via Microsoft Teams and mute your microphone when you are not speaking. This is to help support effective communication between learners, class peers and staff. It will also help staff check understanding of topics so sessions can be adapted where needed.
  • Arrive in online sessions on time, prepared with the equipment you need, in a quiet and suitable environment, be attentive, engage in all activities, wear appropriate dress (the same as they would on college premises), have a suitable background (with MS Teams features such as ‘blur’ mode used to help achieve this where needed), be respectful towards staff and peers, and behave as you would in college following standard procedures.
  • Listen carefully and ensure you keep up to date, understanding:
  • How assessments are taking place
  • What work needs to be submitted and when
  • Current progress against targets
  • How to improve and by when, in line with any improvement plans etc.

Arrangements for students:

Arrangements for students studying courses that require specialist equipment or facilities:

Where specialist equipment or facilities are required, this will be discussed with you by your course tutor. Practical courses are being timetabled to maximize the time available during ‘face to face’ teaching.

Arrangements for students without devices, connectivity or a suitable environment for learning:

We have worked with a major provider to give you the opportunity to purchase the IT equipment you need for your studies, in a more affordable way. You can use your own device to access your coursework, but if you need a new laptop, we can support you in getting the right kit for your studies. You can find out more by visiting our website ( scrolling to the ‘Resources’ section on the homepage and clicking the ‘IT Loan and Buy Scheme’ link.


Support for students:

Our Student Services team at NETA is dedicated to ensuring you not only gain qualifications but enjoy your time with us here at the NETA. We are an experienced team who can support and advise you on a variety of matters:

Rob Leishman for Full Time Study Programme:

07885897116 /

Russell Coleman for Apprenticeships:

07502413700 /

Rachel O’Riordan for Welfare and Safeguarding:

07515810894 /

Support for students with SEND:

NETA has continued to support all students who require support either face to face and or online. For all students with SEND a named learning support member of staff has been allocated for ease of contact and communication. NETA has taken steps to ensure all learning support staff can support learners if they are required to move to online learning and will support learning face to face.

For some learners studying online may prove difficult and not be appropriate based on the learning difficulty. To support learners, NETA will provide physical learning packs for study during any lockdown period. NETA will also make regular contact with learners to ensure they continue to make progress and or require additional support.


for parents:

The Government has produced a Remote Learning Parent’s Guide which may be of use. You can access the guide by clicking here.

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