ECITB approved Technical test including a theory test and a practical task

TSBT02 - SMALL BORE TUBING – Disassemble and reinstall SBT assemblies

The candidate must:

    1. Identify faults and defects in the test SBT assembly in accordance with the test P&ID and specification sheet.

    1. Correctly depressurise and disassemble the SBT assembly in accordance with approved procedures.

    1. Rectify all SBT assembly faults and defects using correct fittings, tube and components in accordance with P&ID and specification sheet.

    1. Reinstall rectified SBT assembly in accordance with P&ID and specification sheet.

    1. Under the supervision of assessment centre examiner, conduct a successful assembly pressure test as specified in test instructions.

    1. Reinstate the work area and correctly store all tools.

This is primarily a disassembly, inspection and re-assembly test.

Maximum Number
1 person.

No time limit but as a guide, 3 – 4 hours should be sufficient.

Technical Test Pre-Requisite
In order to complete all TSBT technical test, delegates must have completed the stage 1 training which is the:

    • SBT01 - Assemble and Install Small Bore Tubing with Twin Ferrule Mechanical Grip Fittings

Delegates will also need to complete stage 2 workplace training. They must have completed the ECITB Work Based Task Assignment log-books giving evidence of on the job experience. The workbooks must be signed off by a supervisor, line manager or a person with responsibility for the final approval and quality assurance for the relevant tasks.

Please Note: ECITB SBT Approved Course ‘Training Certificates’ which are received upon successful completion of SBT01 are valid for a 12-month period only for Stage 3 technical testing application purposes. These certificates must also be supported by Stage 2 ECITB SBT ‘work based task assignment(s)’ completed within the same 12-month period. If the 12-month training to technical testing period elapses, the full SBT process must be attended again from Stage 1.

The TSBT certificates are valid for 3 years.

On successful completion of the course candidates will receive a TSBT ECITB Certificate.

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