Mechanical Training


NETA training has a dedicated team of instructors and facilities for all aspects of mechanical training. This training is aimed at providing up to date knowledge and skills for the demands of companies and individuals wanting to be part of the exciting challenges within the engineering industry.

One of main areas within the Mechanical area is the Mechanical Bolt Tensioning.
This was brought about because of the catastrophic disasters offshore and onshore (Piper Alpha, Flixborough).  The industry has requested the help of the engineering awarding body’s for training and testing programs to help with proving competency of their workforce.

All most all of these disasters can be traced back to a failed bolted flanged joint in a pressurised pipe system.

Neta has been working very closely with these awarding body’s and industry and has put together a training facility for Mechanical Joint Integrity (MJI). This suite of courses which includes training and testing programs are now a requirement for offshore and onshore personnel working on pipe lines.