To provide operatives with knowledge and skill relating to the installation, exchange, removal and commissioning of gas meters.

Candidates must hold a current certificate of competence in Core Domestic Gas Safety before they can undertake the meter assessment.

Course Duration
1 day (½ day training and ½ day assessment).

Maximum Number
4 Persons

Training Aids
Lecture notes, audio visual presentation and a range of domestic gas appliances and models.

Written and practical test in line with ACS scheme requirements.

On successful completion of the course candidates will receive MET:1 Gas Meters certification.

Additional Information
Meeting the needs and expectations of service users is of the highest priority to our staff. Therefore if you have any concerns or wish to make a comment about the service please contact:


On successful completion of this course learners will be able to demonstrate competence in relation to:

    • Meter installation, removal and exchange

    • Checking/ setting meter regulation

    • Emergency notices and warning labels

    • Sealing of regulators and emergency control valves

    • Fitting, testing and commissioning of medium pressure regulators and valves (Pressures greater than 75 millibar)


    • Gas safety regulations, British Standards and manufacturers

    • Instructions

    • Installation requirements, suitable positions, suitable connections

    • Labels and notices

    • Meter regulators, operation and checking

    • Tightness testing and purging
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