Testing & Purging Large Scale (TPCP:1)

Testing & Purging Large Scale (TPCP:1)

To provide the operative with the knowledge and skills to safely carry out soundness testing and purging in accordance with the procedures laid down in The Institution of Gas Engineers Utilisation Procedure (IGE/UP/1).

Candidates must hold a current certificate of competence in Core Commercial Gas Safety (COCN:1) before they can undertake this assessment.

Course Duration
2 days (1 days training and 1 days assessment).

Maximum Number
8 persons

Training Aids
Lecture notes, audio visual presentation and a range of commercial gas appliances and pipework installations.

The learner will be assessed by a written and practical test in line with ACS scheme requirements.

On successful completion of the course candidates will receive TPCP:1 Tightness Testing & Direct Purging of Commercial Pipework in excess of 1m³ volume.

Additional Information
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On successful completion of this course learners will be able to demonstrate competence in relation to:

  • Tightness, testing new pipework installations
  • Direct purging new pipework installations by direct purging methods
  • Tightness testing existing installations
  • Direct purging existing installations by inert purging methods


  • Installation survey and calculation of system volumes
  • Determination of test pressures for both new and existing installation
  • Selection of appropriate pressure gauge
  • Determining the permitted leak rates appropriate to the installation location
  • Calculation of the test times and let by test times
  • Calculation of actual leakage rates and comparison with permitted rates
  • Tightness testing procedures new and existing
  • Completion of soundness testing certificates
  • Determination of purging volumes
  • Selection of a safe purging area including risk assessment
  • Safe levels for vent gases
  • Calculation of purging times
  • Direct purging procedures, commissioning and re-commissioning
  • Completion of purging records