Commercial to Laundry Changeover (COCLNF:1 & CLE:1)

Commercial to Laundry Changeover (COCLNF:1 & CLE:1)

To provide operatives with the knowledge and understanding to safely install commission service and maintain commercial laundry gas appliances.

Course covers:

  • CoCCLNG:1
  • CLE:1

Entrants must be from Category 1 or 2 with relevant qualifications. The Core Commercial to Laundry Changeover Gas Safety (CoCCLNG:1) is in itself a pre-requisite for Cle:1 commercial appliance assessments.

Course Duration
2½ days (1½ days training and 1 day assessment).

Maximum Number
8 persons

Training Aids
Lecture notes, audio visual presentation and a range of commercial gas appliances and models.

The learner will be assessed by a written and practical test in line with ACS accreditation.

On successful completion of the course candidates will receive CoCCLNG:1 and CLE:1 Core Laundry Gas Safety qualification and Laundry appliances.

Additional Information
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On successful completion of this course learners will be able to demonstrate competence in relation to:

  • Gas safety legislation
  • Gas emergency action and procedures
  • Characteristics of combustion and the use of Flue Gas Analysis
  • Commercial laundry appliance ventilation requirements
  • Installation of pipework and fittings including flanges, screwed, compression, capillary and Bellows Expansion Joints
  • Tightness testing low pressure and medium pressure installations.
  • Checking and / or setting commercial supply meter regulations
  • Checking and setting commercial appliance regulators and gas rating
  • Identification of unsafe situations and recognition of incorrectly installed appliances
  • The operation and positioning of emergency isolation controls and valves
  • Emergency notices and warning labels
  • Installation and commissioning of all commercial laundry gas appliances
  • Servicing of commercial laundry gas appliances
  • The operation and checking of appliance gas safety controls and devices and other operational safety components
  • Commercial laundry flueing / exhaust requirements
  • The re-establishment of commercial pipework and laundry and appliances