Commercial Appliances (ICAE:1)

To provide operatives with the knowledge and skills to safely carry the first fixing of commercial appliances.

There are no pre requisites for this limited scope commercial assessment.

Course Duration
1 day (½ day training and ½ day assessment).

Maximum Number
8 persons

Training Aids
Lecture notes, audio visual presentation and a range of domestic gas appliances and models.

Written and practical test in line with ACS accreditation.

On successful completion of the course candidates will receive ICAE:1 LS qualification.

Additional Information
Meeting the needs and expectations of service users is of the highest priority to our staff. Therefore if you have any concerns or wish to make a comment about the service please contact:


On successful completion of this course learners will be able to demonstrate competence in relation to:

  • Siting and installing new commercial appliances without connecting to a live gas supply

  • Assemble of commercial pipework and fittings of various sizes

  • Verifying correct installation of chimneys / flues

  • Verifying correct ventilation requirement for commercial appliances and boiler houses

  • Positioning of regulators ensuring all appliances are operating at their designed gas pressure

  • Identification of unsafe situations


  • Siting and locating new commercial gas appliances

  • Requirements of chimney / flue installation for commercial gas appliances

  • Requirements of ventilation for commercial appliances and boiler rooms

  • Installation of various pipework, isolating valves and fittings

  • Positioning of regulators in relation to appliances

  • Identification of unsafe situations

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