To provide Electricians/Supervisors and other interested parties with the required knowledge to assume their duties and responsibilities under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

No previous knowledge is required.

Course Duration
1 day.

Maximum Number
8 persons.

Training Aids
Lecture notes, audio-visual presentation and case studies.

Assessment will be as agreed between the Client Company and NETA.

On successful completion of the course candidates will receive a NETA certificate. The certificate will be sent directly to the delegate or their sponsor company.

Additional Information
Meeting the needs and expectations of service users is of the highest priority to our staff. Therefore if you have any concerns or wish to make a comment about the service please contact: info@NETA.co.uk


Upon completion of this training course, delegates will be able to:

    • Understand the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations

    • Apply the principles of the Electricity at Work Regulations in a working environment



    • 1989 Regulations compared to previous electrical regulations.

The Dangers

    • Fire - Burns - Arcing – Explosion

    • Shock

    • The Nature of Shock

    • The Effects of Shock

    • Order of Action

The Regulations

    • Regulation 1 - Citation

    • Regulation 2 - Interpretations

    • Regulation 3 - Duties

    • Regulation 4 - Construction, maintenance, work activity and protective equipment

    • Regulation 5 - Strength and capability

    • Regulation 6 - Adverse conditions

    • Regulation 7 - Protection by insulation

    • Regulation 8 - Earthing

    • Regulation 9 - Integrity of referenced conductors

    • Regulation 10 - Connections

    • Regulation 11 - Means of protection from excess current

    • Regulation 12 - Means for cutting off supply and isolation

    • Regulation 13 - Precautions for work on equipment made dead

    • Regulation 14 - Work on or near live conductors

    • Regulation 15 - Working space, access and lighting

    • Regulation 16 - Competency

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