This course is intended primarily to give personnel an understanding of the requirements of safe working in a potentially explosive atmosphere. It is intended to provide a greater appreciation of CompEx core competency and the promotion of safe working or as an introduction to the main CompEx courses.


Course Duration
2 days.

Maximum Number
8 persons.

Training Aids
Lecture notes, power point presentation, samples of hazardous area equipment and accessories.

Each course delegate will complete an online multi-choice examination.

On successful completion of the course and competence validation tests, delegates will be awarded a certificate of competency from JTL.

In the instance of failure of any component of the competence validation tests, a letter of failure will be issued and a re-sit will need to be booked.

Please note: all results are issued by JTL, and are not available to NETA. Waiting time for certification / results is dependent on JTL workloads.

Additional Information
Meeting the needs and expectations of service users is of the highest priority to our staff. Therefore if you have any concerns or wish to make a comment about the service please contact:


On completion of the course assessment the delegate will have an:

    • Understanding of the current directives and regulations relating to hazardous areas

    • Awareness of typical flammable atmospheres and forms of release

    • Awareness of various ignition sources and potential consequences

    • Understanding of the characteristics of gases, vapors and dusts

    • Understanding of the basic principles of area classification including zone, apparatus groups and temperature classification

    • Awareness of the types of explosion protection for equipment for use in hazardous areas

    • Understanding of the IP code for ingress protection

    • Understanding of identification for hazardous area equipment


Directives and Regulations

    • Atex equipment directives and EPS regulations

    • Atex worker directive and DSEAR

    • EAWR – Reg16

    • HASAWA

Hazardous Areas

    • Flammables

    • DSEAR

    • Ignition sources

    • Characteristics of gases and vapors

    • Characteristics of dust

    • Area classification

    • Boundary signage

    • Categories and EPLs

Equipment for Use in Hazardous Areas

    • Essential Health and Safety requirements

    • Types of protection

Simplified Explanation of:

    • Non-electrical

    • Electrical

    • Ingress protection (IP rating)

    • Marking – simplified overview

    • Maintenance work

    • Repairs

    • Modifications

    • Portable equipment
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