Motor Vehicle at SRC

Motor Vehicle Apprenticeships

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Apprenticeships/Advanced Apprenticeships help the motor vehicle industry recruit a steady flow of new entrants to help meet the skills’ needs of employers and replace an ageing workforce. Apprentices work as service technicians, carrying out testing, maintenance and servicing on light vehicles. Advanced apprentices also work as diagnostic technicians.

Main Duties:

As a level 2 apprentice, duties may include:
• Servicing
• Repairing
• Replacing faulty parts
• Maintaining records.

As a level 3 apprentice, you may carry out inspections including:
• Servicing
• Diagnosing
• Repairing and replacing faulty parts
• Maintaining records

You need:

Apprenticeships require a good level of English, maths and/or ICT. Our initial assessment and your GCSE results will help inform us of your ability and what support we can offer to get you to the level required.

If you do not hold the relevant GCSEs you will need to complete the Functional Skills qualifications as part of your apprenticeship.

You must be:

  • at least 16
  • a UK resident
  • in employment. We can help with this

To undertake a level 3 apprenticeship, you need a level 2 qualification or to have experience in a relevant field.


Level 2: 24 months
Level 3: 18 months