Information, Advice and Guidance Policy

This policy applies to all College sites


Stockton Riverside College provides a range of impartial information, advice and guidance services to potential and current learners.

The Information team work within the guidelines of the Equality and Diversity Policy, Disability Disclosure Procedure and Data Protection / Confidentiality Policy. IAG is delivered using a client centred approach and using a quality cycle which asks clients for feedback on services received.

Who can access the service?

Services are available to potential and current learners at various stages including pre-entry, on programme, and post-programme.


Information, advice and guidance on:

  • Course information, course application and course interviews
  • Progression planning
  • Career planning and decision making
  • Education and training opportunities both local and national
  • Higher Education including finance for Higher Education
  • Job search, CVs, applications etc. (current or past students only)


Delivered by:

  • Individual appointments
  • Group sessions and talks
  • Workshops and drop-in sessions
  • Telephone / e-mail enquiries
  • Attendance during college open events
  • Attendance at external events where appropriate


Access to:

Variety of careers resources, books and publications



We can liaise with relevant agencies and organisations; signpost or advocate on your behalf and research information as appropriate. When referrals to other organisations are made, student consent will be sought.



All individual interviews and group sessions are evaluated by using a short questionnaire. Evaluations are discussed at staff meetings and actions taken when appropriate.

Customer comment forms are available from reception and to monitor and maintain quality our staff are periodically observed.



We operate to a code of principles. This means our service is / includes:


Impartial and   Unbiased Information, advice and guidance on all options open to students. We will not promote one option over another.
Confidential Personal details will only be used to help students move forward and with consent. Interviews will be offered in a private setting.
Individual Ownership A service centred upon individual need.


Equality of Opportunity This will underpin all aspects of provision. Students will receive information, advice and guidance to help them realise their full potential, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or race.
Transparent The guidance process and what to expect will be clearly explained.
Accessible The service will strive to be accessible to all eligible users. Every endeavour will be made to accommodate you regarding time, venue and publications.


  • In the event of an adviser being unavailable for an appointment every effort will be made to contact to cancel.
  • Information requested will be sent out within 5 working days.
  • Highly skilled and qualified staff.
  • Client data is filed for statistical purposes; all client details are stored in a locked cabinet and destroyed after 3 years, in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


What we ask of students

  • To get the most from appointments, students should prepare by bringing any relevant information.
  • If students are unable to attend an appointment, they are asked to let us know in advance.
  • Student’s careers are their own responsibility, we can give advice and guidance but we will not make decisions for you.