Welding with Egglescliffe School & Sixth Form College

Posted: 05-08-2019 - 216 views

NETA Training has been working together with Egglescliffe School & Sixth Form College to deliver a six week programme at NETA to help support young students interested in a career in engineering.

Dave Pinkey with the Egglescliffe students

We asked NETA’s Head of Department – NETA Government funded, David Laycock, about where the idea came from and he said: “We were approached by Egglescliffe with an idea to support some of their students who were interested in a career within the welding and fabrication industry. At NETA we are keen to engage with the community, this was a fantastic opportunity to work with a local school to help engage their pupils in something they have a real desire to pursue.”

Careers Coordinator for Egglescliffe, Rachel Pascoe, said: “We wanted to develop a short programme where students could learn about the industry, what qualifications are needed, but also we really wanted the students to have an opportunity to do some welding and learn some basic techniques. NETA were more than happy to help us with the planning and have the students over six mornings to give them a real taster of what is involved in welding.”

The six week programme followed a relaxed regime of:

  • Week 1 – Introduction to Health & Safety, issuing of PPE and a tour of NETA
  • Week 2 – Trip to Cleveland Bridge
  • Week 3 – Planning Welds
  • Week 4 – Practical welding session at NETA
  • Week 5 – Practical welding session at NETA
  • Week 6 – Presentation of learned skills at Egglescliffe

The programme was a great success. Rachel Pasco said: “Most of the students who were involved decided welding was something they wanted to continue to pursue.  It also helped some to realise it wasn’t quite what they thought and, fundamentally, they made that realisation before leaving school which enabled them to look into other options.” David Laycock added: “The students engaged in the programme immediately, some showing very good practical skills when it came to welding.”

When asked about the future, both learning providers were on board for a future partnership. David Laycock expressed: “We would be happy to engage with more local schools and build solid partnerships to ensure the young people in the Tees Valley area are given every opportunity to progress into engineering disciplines.”

Rachel added: “The programme is something Egglescliffe School will look to continue in the coming years as we feel it really benefited the students in gaining vital knowledge and understanding of the industry, alongside enabling them to make clear decisions about their future.”

If you are interested in running a joint programme with NETA please get in touch with the team on: apply@neta.co.uk or call us on 01642 616 936.