There have been celebrations at NETA this week as the staff and students gathered together to celebrate the 100% attendance awards.

The students from all levels have worked hard all year round to maintain their 100% attendance and 3 lucky students were picked out of the box to win an All 4 One gift card.

In third place with a £10 gift card was Daniel. Second place went to Joshua with a £20 gift card and the winner with a £30 gift card went to Ben.

Programme Area Leader in Engineering, David Laycock said: “This academic year we have already seen so many enthusiastic students get stuck into their work and it has been a pleasure to be able to reward their hard work and achievements. We hope the students have a fantastic Christmas and we are looking forward to coming back in January after a well-deserved break.”

The week has ended on a high with the students enjoying a few cheeky slices of pizza – enjoy guys!
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