Offers & Availability

CourseNext Available Date CommencingDuration
MJI10, 18 & 19 Training (Mechanical Joint Integrity) – £579.00pp vat exempt24/02/20203 day(s)
CCNSG Safety Passport National – £115.00pp vat exempt.24/02/202 day(s)
LEEA Slinging Foundation – £207.00pp vat exempt24/02/20201 day(s)
CompEx Preparation day – £172.00pp vat exempt24/02/201 day(s)
CISRS Scaffolding Advanced Inspection – £400.00 vat exempt26/02/20202 day(s)
CCNSG Safety Passport Renewal – £95.00pp vat exempt26/02/201 day(s)
Pressure Testing – £184.00pp, vat exempt27/02/20201 day(s)
CompEx Gas Hazardous Areas (Units 1-4) £780.00 vat exempt02/03/20205 day(s)
Gas CODNCO:1 Refresher Package (Training & Assessment) – £795.00pp vat exempt02/03/20205 day(s)
Gas Domestic CCN Re-Assessment Package (Training & Assessment) – £685.00 pp vat exempt02/03/20205 day(s)
Electrical 18th Edition Wiring Regulations – £432.00pp inc C&G exam vat exempt02/03/20203 day(s)
Abrasive Wheel – Hand Held & Pedestal – £166.00 vat exempt03/03/20201 day(s)
CISRS Scaffolding COTS – £172.50pp vat exempt (inc CISRS card)04/03/20201 day(s)
Gas HWSS – £130.00pp vat exempt09/03/20201 day(s)
Basic Rigging – £828.00pp vat exempt09/03/20205 day(s)
Gas LPG (Training & Assessment) – £280.00 vat exempt10/03/20202 day(s)
Gas CMDDA:1 (Training & Assessment) – £250.00pp vat exempt10/03/20202 day(s)
CompEx Gas Hazardous Areas Refresher (Units 1-4) – £469.00pp vat exempt11/03/20202 day(s)
CISRS Scaffolding CPD Course for Basic & Advanced Scaffolders, inc CISRS card (New CISRS Requirement) – £295.00pp vat exempt12/03/202 day(s)
MJI10 (Mechanical Joint Integrity) – £259.00pp vat exempt12/03/20201 day(s)
Water Regulations – £160.00pp vat exmept12/03/20201 day(s)
Electrical Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation – £310.00pp vat exempt16/03/20202 day(s)
Gas Domestic CCN:1 Package – Training & Assessment – 1£,281.00 vat exempt16/03/202010 day(s)
Small Bore Tubing Training (SBT01) – £582.00pp vat exempt18/03/202 day(s)
CCNSG Safety Passport LATS (Supervisor) – £125.00pp vat exempt18/03/201 day(s)
Electrical 2391-52 Inspection & Testing – £935.00pp vat exempt23/03/20206 day(s)
CompEx Hazardous Areas Re-Sit24/03/20201 day(s)
CISRS SMST (Scaffolding Management & Supervisory Training) – £822.00pp vat exempt (inc CISRS card)30/03/20205 day(s)
Gas Management – £160.00 pp, vat exempt30/03/20201 day(s)
CISRS Scaffolding Advanced Course – £1,139.00 vat exempt20/04/202010 day(s)
CISRS Scaffolding Part 2 Course – £1,035.00pp vat exempt20/02/202010 day(s)
CompEx Dust – £588.00 vat exempt04/05/20203 day(s)
CISRS Scaffolding Part 1 Course – £932.00pp vat exempt11/05/202010 day(s)

Please note that this is not a definitive list of course availability, please contact the NETA sales team on 01642 616936 for more information.