Achievement Measurement 2 (AM2 – Test)


AM2 is the electro-technical industry standard assessment for occupational competence. It demonstrates that they have the necessary level of competence expected by industry.

Electro-technical industry experience

Course Duration
3 days.

Maximum Number
2 persons.

3 practical and 1 online multi-choice exam

Awarding Body N.E.T

Additional Information
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Delegates will be expected to install, terminate, connect, inspect, test, commission and diagnose faults in accordance with the installation specification and relevant statutory and non-statutory regulations on the following:

  • Lighting and power circuits
  • A 3-phase distribution board and sub-circuit
  • A central heating / sustainable energy system
  • A safety services circuit and device
  • A data-cabling system


The assessment is in four sections:

  • Section A – Composite Installation
  • Section B – Inspection and testing of the completed composite installation
  • Section C – Fault diagnosis and correction
  • Section D – Assessment of applied knowledge

For further guidance please go to the N.E.T website ( or obtain the information booklet.

Prior to taking the AM2 assessments candidates will be expected to have carried out a self-assessment exercise to ascertain whether or not they are ready to take the assessments.

The self-assessment document is in the form of a checklist, related to areas of competence against which they are to be carried out. This document is available on the N.E.T website under Assessments, AM2, Candidate Guidance.