Instrument Skills Appreciation


To provide a basic understanding and practical experience of instrument installation techniques for the process industry.

A process or engineering background.

Course Duration
10 days.

Maximum Number
6 persons.

Training Aids
Audio visual presentation, demonstration, lecture notes, practical exercises, large and small plant simulation.

Each course participant may, if required, complete a series of practical tests to determine achievement of objectives.

On successful completion of the course candidates will receive a NETA certificate. The certificate will be sent directly to the delegate or their sponsor company.

Additional Information
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On successful completion of the course the candidate will be able to:

  • Understand the need for instrumentation and what it achieves in relation to the process
  • Understand and recognize British Standard instrument symbols as applied to Process and Instrument Diagrams (P&ID) and produce a P&ID for a simple process installation
  • Appreciate how to measure and control process pressures, levels, flows and temperatures on a ‘live’ plant
  • Appreciate the ‘control loop’ and what it consists of in relation to the process and instrumentation
  • Understand different types of fittings and pipe work used and their maximum working pressure
  • Form and install stainless steel, copper and polythene tubing using correct fittings and support systems for a process instrument installation
  • Correctly install a liquid pressure system correcting for any ‘head’ errors and commission the system
  • Successfully complete an installation project from planning to commissioning on the training plant


Process Plant

  • Process measurement
  • Measurement and control loops on plant
  • Pressure, level flow and temperature systems

Instrument Drawing Standards

  • Instrument symbols
  • Reading process and instrument diagrams (P&ID)
  • Produce a simple P&ID to correct standards

Instrument Installation

  • Instrument fittings, making off and maximum working pressures
  • Pipework – selection, construction and making off procedures
  • Use of cable tray and support systems for pipelines and cables
  • Produce and fit clips and brackets for support system
  • Install liquid pressure installation and commission
  • Carry out installation project on training plant