Meet the NETA experts – George Lambros, Electrical and Electronics Instructor

Posted: 06-06-2016 - 1,165 views

With hundreds of years of experience between them, there’s no one better to teach you the tools of your chosen trade than our NETA experts. Here we catch up with Electrical and Electronics Instructor, George Lambros.


“Even now, when I buy something I have to open it to see how it works.”

You’d be hard pushed to say that George Lambros’s career has been an easy journey. It has taken hard work and determination but he’s still got a smile on his face.

In fact he says it is everyone at NETA’s first-hand industry experience that offers its learners something special.

He believes that, and a clear passion for their chosen field, are just what’s needed to fire up the enthusiasm in those starting out or honing their trade.

George, who is originally from Athens, has seen both the best and the worst that working life has to offer.

Surviving a mass accident at one of the largest oil refinery units in Greece in 1992 he counts himself lucky to be alive.

Up until recently the dad-of-two still struggled to talk about the blast but now he shares the experience with his students, highlighting the importance of site safety.

He later learnt it was a burst pipe that started with just an 8mm hole that saw the whole unit go up in 40 seconds.

Thrown behind a crane by the LPG blast, he says: “That’s what saved my life.”

Looking back there’s no denying the disaster was life changing but he has countless other experiences that tell a different story.

george 2

It was breaking radios from the age of just 10 that set George on the road to a career in electronics. A sense of pure determination and probably a good dash of spirit for adventure saw him choose to study in the UK.

There are many that won’t realise it but today George has two degrees to his name, the first in Electronics and a second in Education.

It was while working in a variety of jobs from designing and testing controllers for battery powered vehicles to working in instrumentation, to developing more specialist controllers that his move into teaching snuck up on him.

Starting by teaching some Greek and always one for learning he picked up the qualifications to match. These days working as an electronics instructor at NETA he is able to combine the two passions.

Still taking everything apart and still fascinated by what goes on inside, he says: “Electronics is an exciting industry to be in because of the technology. Everything is changing and expanding all the time. Everything is electrical from the moment you get up until you go to bed.”

Regularly losing warranties for goods on the day of purchase, he says: “Even now, when I buy something I have to open it to see how it works.”
Worked on: Power stations, oil refineries, instrumentation, designing and testing controllers for battery powered vehicles, specialist controllers for mining equipment in China

Fascinating facts: Originally from Athens George’s careers has taken him backwards and forwards between Greece and the UK. He has two degrees, one in Electronics and the other in Education. He studied his Maths and Physics A levels in London (passing his Maths speaking very limited English – “after all the numbers don’t change.”). George served 26 months National Service in the Greek army.